Best Behavior Services

Orientation Video

Caregiver Orientation Video 2023 ( click to view)

This video is intended for viewing by caregivers of newly established clients, prior to the first assessment visit. 

In our service reports, we include Caregiver Objectives as a method to track participation and guide caregiver training topics.  In order to provide effective, empowering ABA training for caregivers, we have created a new Caregiver Training Program.  This program outlines 12 different topics within the field of ABA, with one topic highlighted per month.  As part of our Caregiver Training Program, caregivers will be required to complete 3 training topics within each 6-month report period in order to maintain Best Behavior services.   It is our intention to empower families with the tools of effective behavior change within 18 months of receiving Best Behavior services.  This goal will be achieved through our assessment process, collaboration with related service providers, and direct services with the client, combined with our Caregiver Training Program to establish ABA-based skills for the client and the caregivers lasting long beyond the duration of our services.  

Please submit the brief quiz below after watching the video.  Once the quiz has been received, the waitlist coordinator will contact you.